What does Nella Bella mean?

The name Nella Bella comes from a Nickname my Mother has called me, almost my entire life.

Who owns it?

My name is Mai, (pronounced My) I am a 15 year old sophomore & passionate about Beauty, Make up, Confidence and Creating. I’ve loved Art and Design for as long as I can remember, and I plan on growing my Business into a multi-facted company as I learn and explore to include many more mediums I know you all will enjoy.

Why did you start?

My parent’s are entrepreneurs and inspired me to become one also, so I asked them to invest in me beginning my own lip gloss line and the rest will be history! I believe everyone should feel beautiful in their own unique way and I’m joining this growing industry to be a positive part of that. Spread the word & visit my site often, I’ll always be adding something new.

What can you expect from Nella Bella Collection?

Now Serving

Plant Based & Paraben Free, Hand crafted Lip Glosses & Lip Tints, Curated choice Lip Glosses and Unique Lash Sets. Eye shadows, Body Oils & More.